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Cai, Susan and Manny Barias, Bru Makers
Food and coffee lovers all, Team Barias was inspired to create a coffee shop in hometown Guymon after traveling to Spain in 2010. For months, they would gather around the dinner table, trying out coffee libations and sweet and savory treats. Favorites have been created into recipes served at The Bru.

Liz McCulloch, Chief Bru
Liz lives at the Bru (seriously). While her smile can make anybody’s day better, her lattes changes people’s lives. As our fearless leader, her attitude and style serves as everyone’s inspiration.

Jen McCulloch, Barista and Chief Vegan Baker
Jen likes her coffee dark and strong, just like her men. She thinks Decaf coffee is the most pointless thing in the world. She travels around the world in search of THE point. She has an evil twin sister named Kathryn.

Cristina Carbajal, Barista and “The Cute One”

Whether she is running from the register or running to the drive thru window, Cristina is constantly making her presence known. Although her tiny little figure  (standing on a stepping stool) is potentially the first thing one might notice, her smile and genuine heart is what makes people stick around.  We’re all hoping her adorable kids will be apart of the Bru Crew in the next 9 years.

Aubrey Bowers, Barista

Sweet and quiet but, once you get to know her she can be crazy and cool. Aubrey loves heavy metal and rock music. Her two favorites sports to play are volleyball and soccer. She goes to OPSU and is studying to be a Child Psychiatrist.

The Original Bru Crew

Standing, L-R: Susan, Tyler, Irvin, Brandon, Kimberly, Angie, Ruben, Levy
Seated, L-R: Austin, Cicely, Liz, Samantha, Cai, Victoria

And say hi to Bucky as well. He’s on the wall.

This photo was taken after our first ever team gathering. I am proud of the Bru Crew who were all sports about having their pictures taken without adequate warning (bad hair day notwithstanding). The energy, rapport and spirit among crew members was great to watch. I am excited to see these superstars in action.

3 Responses to Meet the Bru Crew

  1. Steve Bailey says:

    We have loved coming here! I don’t know when the next time will be that we come to Guymon, but we’ll surely stop by Urban Bru!

  2. Karen D says:

    We’ll be driving through Guymon in a couple of weeks. I’m so excited to find a artisan coffee and vegetarian option on our route! See you soon!

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