Urban Bru believes that it shares the responsibility of supporting its local community. Already it is providing jobs for local residents and paying local taxes. In addition, supporting individual trade and non-profits gives its crew further meaning to its daily operations.

LOCAL NON-PROFITS. We believe that government support for services do not suffice and that non-profit organizations play a significant role in the lives of local residents. Urban Bru and the Bru Crew shall support a non-profit on a monthly basis by donating to their cause. Urban Bru will match whatever tips are collected for the month and the amount shall be donated to the month’s non-profit. Be generous!

The Bru Crew donating to the Oaks of Mamre. February 2011.

The Bru crew donating to the YMCA. February 2011.

LOCAL ARTISTS. We are patrons of the arts. As such, we want to feature the artists and their work on our store’s gallery. The art pieces are for sale. Part of the proceeds of the sale shall be donated to the non-profit that the Bru Crew will designate. Drop by to see the gallery.

Ask not what the community can bru for you, ask instead what you can bru for the community.

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