Suspended Coffees

I am convinced all the greatest things began in Italy: the bicycle, Pizza, Dante’s The Divine Comedy, Italian Stallion, Marco Polo, the espresso machine. Did I mention Italian Stallion? The list goes on, and there’s one more reason to love Italians even more. “Caffe Sospeso” or Suspended Coffee began in Italy. The Suspended Coffee movement began a century ago in Naples. The idea is to buy a coffee for someone who may be “in need” of a coffee, but can’t afford it. That person could be homeless, a broke college student studying for exams, or even someone who has just had a bad day.

We have decided to start the suspended coffee program here at the Bru, thanks to our customer,
Gary Holdeman. He bought 12 “caffe sospesos”. Anyone can come in and ask for a suspended coffee, or if we decide someone needs one just because, then we will. Don’t worry, we won’t be using it on ourselves! So, next time you buy yourself a coffee and you’re feeling generous, why not add to the Suspended Coffee funds? Anything helps and you just might make someone’s day.

I began with Italian, so I see it best to end with Italian. And, seeing most of the Italian I know is inappropriate, I will leave you with Dante’s words. “L’amor che move il sole e l’altre stelle.” In English? “The love that moves the sun and other stars.” His love for coffee perhaps?

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  1. allison long says:

    I love this! I have seen it in the larger cities and am glad to know Guymonites will have a chance to do something generous as well.

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