The Art of the Latte

It is almost two years since we first opened our doors. On February 9, 2011, we had a soft opening by testing our products and giving out free drinks. We had a formal opening on February 12, 2011 (which is also my birthday!). My crew and I will often reminisce about those days. “Do you remember when….” one of us would start, and then we would end up with volumes full of stories about boo-boos, funny things we did and said, how we used to do things (we did what?), and those who are not working with us anymore. Some of the newer ones would ask about a menu item long gone. Or, a team member that they did not meet. All of us have stories of each other, and our own life stories would most likely have a chapter about the Bru.

To celebrate our 2nd year anniversary, we wanted to honor the great talent and skill of our baristas. We have, in fact, come a long way from the days when we had to teach each other the parts of an espresso machine. And, we take our coffee seriously. So, on February 9, from 2-4 p.m. we will have a Latte Art competition among all our baristas. Please come and join us in this fun event. We will have free cookies, muffins and coffee for all our customers during the event!

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  1. Jeanne says:

    You’ve come a long way baby! So very proud of what you have done with your business in Guymon! If you ever want to open a second location I have some great ideas for you (closer to where I am for sure!) We at the Oklahoma Small Business Development Center wish you every continued success! Jeanne and Laura

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