The search for the perfect Bru

I am in Midwest City, Oklahoma today and as soon I woke up, I was craving the perfect brew. The only bad thing about owning your coffee shop is that you get entirely spoiled. In the past month, I have satisfied my coffee craving with my latte favorites or with the specials that the Bru crew have created. So this morning, there was not going to be any hotel room coffee. I walked down to the lobby where they served breakfast and was hopeful that they would have decent brewed coffee. I figured that would be a good starter. First, they ran out of regular coffee and had decaf. When they finally got around to brewing regular coffee, it was so not worth it. Dumped that cup.

I drove down toward the college where they had a “corner coffee shop”. Looked promising since I know that a lot of independent coffee shops serve really good coffee. I walk in and the couple/owners ask what I wanted. I said coffee. They said ok. I felt the need to expound on that choice. NO, I did not want just regular coffee. I looked around and I saw that they did have an espresso machine. I told them I wanted  a latte. The had a blank smile. They mention to me that they just opened two weeks ago (really?). They serve me the cup that he had already started to make before I walked in the door (really?). And they ask what kind of sugar I wanted. I look around and see they just have sugar packets. I said I wanted brown sugar. She started looking in their cupboard and was starting to measure out from a container that looked more like a spice. He asks “Is that cinnamon?”. I notice that they have some coffee syrups so I go on to say that maybe they should just add caramel flavor. He goes in the refrigerator and pulls out a Smuckers caramel bottle. I quickly jump in to say that I actually did not want creamy (Smuckers) syrup rather, I was interested in their Torani caramel syrup. It took every ounce of me not to go behind counter and start making my own brew. I thank them, pay and walk out. Ok, seriously, they gave me brewed coffee with foam. And, a squirt of caramel syrup.

I decide to stick with this cup since I really did not taste bad. But, it was not good either. As I drive a few blocks down, I decide to give the town another chance. Surely, there can be good coffee somewhere. I keep on driving and find nothing except the usual fast food  chains.

Do I need a latte really bad? Bad enough to pull into the golden arches? In surrender I utter,  “I would like a mocha please. And, can you cut your syrup into half. You usually put 4 squirts, right? I just need half of that because it gets too sweet. Thank you”.

And the search continues…

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2 Responses to The search for the perfect Bru

  1. Chris Hitch says:

    Next time you’re in the City and near downtown, try Coffee Slingers. They have a nice espresso and great baked goods.

  2. Chris Hitch says:

    Oh, it’s on Broadway.

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